24 hours
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I book a shipment?
Contact us at 206-909-4685 or complete our Online Request a Quote
We will respond with in 24 hours.

What are the terms and conditions for a shipment?
The terms and conditions can be found in our Transport Agreement.

How do I pay?
Payment is accepted by cashiers check, cash or credit card by via
PayPal to dlhorsehaul@yahoo.com. All credit card payments made on
the Internet must be cleared by the time the horse accepted for
transport. There will be a 2.9% sur-charge for all credit card payments. A
deposit of 25% of the shipping fee is due in advance of the trip. The
balance of shipping payment is to be paid upon delivery.

What if I need to cancel?
Please see the Transport Agreement for our Cancellation Policy.

Will my horse be insured?
Don Lockwood Horse Van Service carries $200.00 of accidental
mortality insurance per horse. You may purchase additional insurance
at your own expense.

What type of equipment do you use?
We operate 15 horse, air ride tractor trailer combinations. For shorter
trips we sometimes use an air ride horse van.

What are the accessibility requirements for your equipment?
Some of our tractor & trailers are over 70 feet long and 13 feet high. If
you are unsure if your facility can accommodate a tractor trailer please
let us know ahead of time.

How should I prepare my horse?
We recommend that you consult your veterinarian regarding the
individual needs of your horse.
How often do you stop during a trip?
We stop at least every 5 hours. During warmer months stops are made more frequently.

Will you take off my horses blankets?
Yes. We do whatever it takes to make sure your horse is comfortable.

Can I ship tack or other items with my horse?
We expect some equipment to accompany your horse, please let us know what you would like to accompany your horse and I
am sure we can accommodate you.

Can you accommodate special instructions for my horse?
Yes. Please let us know what special needs your horse has and we will work with you to make sure they are met.

Can I check on my horse during the trip?
Yes. Our drivers can be reached by cellular phone at anytime during the trip. We also check e-mail during most fuel stops.

What paper work do I need?
You will need a valid negative Coggins Certificate which is generally good for 6 months, brand inspection and health certificate
by a licensed veterinarian within the past 30 days. A copy of immunization records is welcome, as many of the best layovers
ask for these for everyone's protection. Ask your vet for recommended vaccinations prior to shipping horses, at least two
weeks in advance of shipment.

Where will my horse stay en route?
If a layover is necessary we have quality facilities that we use throughout the country

If you have any other questions that we can answer for you, please don't hesitate to
contact us.